DC-604 Radio Trigger sender og mottaker KIT (batteri) WIMBERLEY Lens Replacement Feet AP-652 WIMBERLEY Sidekick Adapter AP-900 WIMBERLEY Sidekick Adapter AP-901 WIMBERLEY Sidekick Adapter Combo part AP-902 WIMBERLEY The Plamp - Extension 30,5 cm Brushoff™ High Tech Sensor Brush Kinetronics StaticWisc Anti-Static Brush / 20 mm Kinetronics StaticWisc Anti-Static Brush / 60 mm Kinetronics StaticWisc Anti-Static Brush / 100 mm Kinetronics Canned Air Ionizer with grounding cord Kinetronics Lab Gloves AntiStatic Chemical Free Synthetic Fiber Small Kinetronics Labhansker AntiStatiske Kjemikaliefri Kunstfiber Large Kinetronics Avtrekksvifte / Cooker hood for StaticVac SV3220/SV4220 WIMBERLEY Arca-Swiss Style Lens Plate - 8,4cm, 1 screw [WIP-10] WIMBERLEY Arca-Swiss Style Lens Plate - 9,8cm, 1 screw [WIP-20] WIMBERLEY P-5 Camera Body Plate NORMAN charger cable to the car for Super Charger 200 and 400 series NORMAN Halogen lamp 50W to 400B Head NORMAN 400B Y charge cabel Leopard Series LB-600 Flash D180 Standard Reflector 80cm Octagon softbox (inkl. adapterring for GuangBao) Adapter ring for Chimera / Photoflex soft boxes D280 Reflector GuangBao D420 Radar Reflector Beauty Dish D700 Radar Reflector Beauty Dish 70 cm Ø Guangbao Snoot - Beam reflector Grid for D180 10° Honeycomb E14 L-60 Lampe / Bulb PRAKTICA DCZ 10.4 ( black ) PRAKTICA DPix 1000Z PRAKTICA DPix 5200 PRAKTICA DPix 9000 Black Solid Muslin - 3x3,65m Grey Solid Muslin - 3x3,65m BackDrop 10' x 12' Earth / Brown Marble - 3x3,65m First Studio & StarFlash 250WATT 230V BULB reservepære LiteStand Lamp Stand / Medium / 3-piece / 1.65 kg / 85-249 cm [2214] LiteStand Lamp Stand / Heavy / 4-piece / 1.8 kg / 85-325 cm [2218] PHOTOFLEX Master Flip-Top LiteStand™ Lamp Stand / X-Heavy / 4 PHOTOFLEX SandBag for Boom-arm PHOTOFLEX Universal Holder for lamp heads and on-camera-flashes PHOTOFLEX LiteDisc White Translucent / Ø-30 cm / 12" PHOTOFLEX LiteDisc / Hvit-SoftGull / Ø-56 cm PHOTOFLEX LiteDisc / Hvit Diffuser/ Ø-81 cm PHOTOFLEX LiteDisc / Hvit-SoftGull / Ø-81 cm PHOTOFLEX LiteDisc / White Diffuser/ Ø-132 cm PHOTOFLEX LiteDisc / White-SoftGold / Ø-132 cm / 52" PHOTOFLEX LiteDisc / White Diffusor/ Ø-104 x188 cm
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